I wouldn't exactly call myself a blogger, but I have created this page to be my collection of thoughts  expressed in print, video and photo form. Welcome to who, what,WEAR, I hope you enjoy and will come back often!

The problem I find with most fashion  blogs are that they are often based  from the view of  the fashion titans  of the coasts and the mega cities. We all know that here in the Southeast we are different! We drive different types of cars, eat different and according to my friends  across the country we "talk" differently...especially in Tennessee. As I build this page I will talk more about style and how we can elaborate on the core of the individual and really allow ourselves to go beyond wearing an item...lets OWN IT!

don't just wear it...OWN IT!​

Pocket Squares are one of my most favorite items. They add a little flavor to your outfit and allow for a wide range of expressions. I get tons of questions about how to accessorize and present this small but effective piece of fabric. This quick video from GQ touches on some basic concepts.  -JR